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Shipping & Returns

Most of our Products are shipped Free . In other to access the products that can be shipped free (which are well over 99.9%) look for the logo which says free shipping. For the orders which were made online, there is standard ground shipping which is free, for order above $500 and less than 50lbs (all order above 50lbs has to pay for shipping cost). This can enable products that qualified to get shipped to a particular address in the US for free. We can only have goods shipped to about 48 states in the US. Lift-gate trucks, air freight, Special deliveries or any service that doesn't fall within standard ground shipping isn’t qualified to be shipped free. Toilet Partitions, Mirrors, Lockers, Special Orders, Portable Sinks, Over-Sized Items, Paper and cleaning products don’t qualified to be shipped for free. Returns & Shipping Policy Our supplies are aimed at achieving the expected customer satisfaction. It is on this note that you have to ensure that you read our shipping policy. We are aimed at ensuring that you get the best online shopping experience. This will enable us to be your number one choice in supplies. In other to ensure that prices are very low, our job is to ensure that products are shipped from manufacturers to you. This is why we need to ensure that we abide by the return policies of our vendors. Please note Upon receiving your order, ensure that you have checked it properly for order accuracy and damages. Damage or discrepancies should be reported within a period of 24 hours. There are instances when multiple shipments will be received when you made your order from various manufacturers. DONT ACCEPT your products should they get damaged during shipment. The carrier’s shipment should also be refused while you make efforts to have us contacted. A replacement shipment is going to be arranged for you at zero cost. In case you happen to have accepted a delivery that has got damage that is concealed, ensure that customer service for sustainable supply is contacted within 48 hours. Every material which has been damaged should be held for the carrier’s inspection. This may include photos of the damaged shipment and so on. Any form of freight claim while in transit will be absorbed by the buyer. Return instructions Every shipment taken back to its warehouse or sustainable supplier will have to get approved. RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number is also needed. An order which is returned without this number is going to be rejected. In other to have your Return Merchandise Authorization number requested for, have your account logged into. After that, locate the tab which says “orders” so as to have details of your orders viewed. There is a link which says ““Request Return”. Have it clicked on and fill the form which you are going to be presented with. If at checkout, you didn’t have an account created, you can have a return request sent over to us. Your order number should be referenced and also ensure that you are giving us the reason why the product is being returned. You will get the RMA number from Customer Service Associates of ours. This number should be clearly written on the return label. Requests that are related to RMA are to be made within a period of one month (30 days). Ensure that you have allowed up to about 48 hours to have these requests processed. Every item will have to be returned the way they were shipped by the manufacturer. This includes the box for packaging, accessories. The RMA addresses shouldn’t be written on the box of the product. This is because once such is done, it becomes difficult for the item to be resold. Return policy There are two categories of return. These are Manufacturer's Defect/Company Error/Damaged Goods and Customer Cancellation/Error. RMA number will be needed for any of these groups. Customer Cancellation/Error No return after 30 days. All return are to paid restocking fee 25% (up to 50%) unless specifically other said so. The initial cost of shipping isn’t going to be refunded. Those products that are customized are not returned. Processing and repackaging cost, shipping fees are all the responsibility of the buyer. When orders are returned within this period, shipping amount will be deducted while your account will be credited with the cost of the product. Manufacturer's Defect/Company Error/Damaged Goods Sustainable supply should be notified immediately regarding defects, company errors or damage. We are going to help you facilitate a return for an exchange or refund. This depends on the defective policy as well as warranty of the manufacturer. Note that warranty issues can take as long as 5 working days to get resolved. Based on the request of the manufacturer, damaged goods are going to be held for proper inspection. This could be carried out by the representatives of the company, videos, photos, and so on. In case of any damage while in transit, any freight claim will be the responsibility of the buyer. During the time of shipment, loss risk and title will be passed on to the buyer. Note that although most of our goods can be returned, such isn’t the same with customized products. Some products that cannot be returned are Mirrors, Toilet Partitions, Frequency Lavatories, Lockers, Washfountains or those items that require large quotes or volumes to be selected. For custom orders, we usually check the specifications after which your account is going to be billed.